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 Terms and Conditions

Holiday home booking
• Your holiday home is booked upon receipt of the booking deposit.
• Payment for the reservation deposit can only be made by Bank transfer.

Account Nr: NL 90 RABO 0336 9090 20        Bic: RABO2NLU

• Your booking will not be confirmed until “de Buytenplaets” (Sail-Fox V.O.F.) has received the pre-payment amount of pre-payment and you have received a confirmation e-mail from “de Buytenplaets” (Sail-Fox V.O.F).

• Please note this confirmation contains all your booking details such as exact location of holiday home, contact details and all other arrival and departure instructions.

Cancellation policy
• Cancellation fees depend on notice given and are as follows:
o Cancellations received less than 6 months prior to arrival will be subject to a cancellation fee equal to the down payment of the booking.
o Cancellations received less than 2 months prior to arrival will be subject to a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total balance.
o Cancellations received less than 14 days prior to arrival will be subject to a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the total balance.

• Reducing the number of nights after booking has been confirmed will be treated as a cancellation for the reduced nights and as such will be subject to a cancellation policy. Please see above for details.
• All cancellations or changes must be made via email or fax. 
• “de Buytenplaets” (Sail-Fox V.O.F). recommends that the client purchase travel insurance with cancellation cover.

Damage deposit € 300, =
Please note that by accepting our Terms and Conditions you agree that any damages caused by you or your party will be deducted from your damage deposit and that you will also be liable for any excess damages.
All damage deposits paid will be refunded, after inspection of the undamaged holiday home. Within 14 days.

• Please, ensure that we have an updated arrival time for you so that we can plan for your check-in and keep your contact person informed about any delays or changes.

• Your contact person will be provided with your telephone number and email address should they need to contact you regarding your arrival time. You can send us this information via e-mail to or by calling us on (+31) 6 51331718 of (+31) 6 51510034

The arrival day
• You should call your contact person on arrival at the holiday home.
• The holiday home will be available from 15:00 hrs, but we will always try our best to accommodate  earlier arrivals. It is extremely important that we have an updated arrival time.

• The departure day from the holiday home.
You have to leave the holiday home before 10.00 am
• On the departure day you should leave the holiday home tidy. Please leave ALL sets of keys on the table and shut the door firmly behind you after having made sure that you have all of your belongings.

Holiday home cleaning
When leaving, the client is obliged to leave the holiday home in a reasonable condition, with all rubbish disposed of correctly. If not, an additional cleaning fee will be charged.

The holiday home must be left as follows:
• Leave the home swept clean.
• Everything washed clean, dried and put back in the cupboards.
• Duvet covers, and linen folded at the stairs below.
• Keep the dishwasher, freezer and refrigerator clean and empty.
• Leave oven and BBQ clean.
• Do not leave food in the cabinets.
• Please put garden furniture and cushions indoors.
• Empty the bins and empty the waste in the appropriate containers.
• Report any breakage and / or damage to the landlord.

Number and identity of guests
• The client will inform “de Buytenplaets” (Sail-Fox V.O.F). of the number of guests included within the booking.
• Unless otherwise agreed by “de Buytenplaets” (Sail-Fox V.O.F), only the number of persons indicated by the client when booking shall be authorized to use the holiday home.

• The number of persons who may use the holiday home may not exceed the number of persons allocated for each holiday home, except for children under two years of age.
• Pets are only allowed where permission has specifically been granted.
• In the event of any infringement of the obligations, “de Buytenplaets” (Sail-Fox V.O.F. at its sole discretion will be entitled to request the client to leave the holiday home, and the client shall have no right to claim any type of compensation.

Conduct in holiday homes
• Please observe that “de Buytenplaets” (Sail-Fox V.O.F.' Terms and Conditions about disturbances, loud music and parties are very clear: ALL ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Guests staying in a “de Buytenplaets” (Sail-Fox V.O.F). holiday home should know that if parties or loud music are heard, or neighbors complain and/or police are called, it can result in immediate eviction regardless of the time of day or night.

We appreciate your collaboration in this matter and hope you understand that these rules are necessary. 

• The client signing the check in form will be liable for the correct and decent behavior of all the persons accompanying him/her. Should that person, or any of the persons accompanying him/her not behave in a suitable and responsible way, “de Buytenplaets” (Sail-Fox V.O.F. shall be entitled to request the client and the persons accompanying him/her to leave the holiday home without the right for the latter to claim any type of compensation.
This will also result in loss of prepaid rent and refundable damage deposit.
• Also note that by booking with “de Buytenplaets” (Sail-Fox V.O.F). you have already accepted our terms and conditions and will therefore be expected to abide by these rules. You will also be expected to sign these rules upon check-in on your arrival day.

Neither “de Buytenplaets” (Sail-Fox V.O.F). nor the owner of the holiday home shall be liable for any direct or indirect damages that may arise because of the use by the client of the holiday home, including without limitation, damages, insurance, losses because of fires, robbery or criminal behavior.

The holiday home has a (wireless) internet connection that the tenant can use, the following applies: it is strictly forbidden to download or upload from the internet illegally. The tenant is responsible and responsible for his / her own Internet use and if fines are imposed, these will be passed on to the tenant. The personal details of the lessee / offender will be made known at the request of the authorities / copyright holder (s). All costs incurred by the landlord related to such an infringement will be recovered from the tenant.

• In case of any infringement of the obligations, “de Buytenplaets” (Sail-Fox V.O.F). at its sole discretion will be entitled to request the client to leave the holiday home, and the client shall have no right to claim any type of compensation.

Our website
All holiday home descriptions and information is supplied by the holiday homes featured. Whilst “de Buytenplaets” (Sail-Fox V.O.F). do their utmost to maintain accuracy and to check details wherever possible, “de Buytenplaets” (Sail-Fox V.O.F). cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions that may arise.

“de Buytenplaets” (Sail-Fox V.O.F). also reserve the right to change information published on the site at any time including rates, descriptions and photographs. “de Buytenplaets” (Sail-Fox V.O.F). makes no warranty or representation about the fitness or suitability of any product or service advertised on its web site.

“de Buytenplaets” (Sail-Fox V.O.F). reserves the right to update any of its terms and conditions at any time, as may be required and as may be in line with the company's business.

The onus is placed on all parties, using the site, to undertake adequate measures to ensure that they visit any such terms and conditions on a regular basis. By agreeing to use this site, it is implied that any such changes are accepted by any such third party and, that any such third party undertakes to comply with any such changes.

These terms do not affect consumer statutory rights.